Legit ways to Earn money online in Bangladesh

To earn money online you’ve to know about it clearly and deeply. The more you want to learn about it the more easy it will become. The more you want to teach yourself the more you will earn. Just for 15-20k tk salaries people study 16 – 20 years. Then think how much effort you have to give to teach yourself to earn 50-100k tk salaries(money) online. At least you have to be patient in this sector.

earn money online

Mainly we are going to do outsourcing. It is also called freelancing .

What are these things and sectors :

What is Freelancing ?

What is outsourcing ?


We can earn money in many ways. Some legit ways are described here. Read it carefully and follow the instructions accordingly. For help please do comments in comment section.

Legit ways to earn money online in Bangladesh:

1 . Earn money form Blog Or Website

2.Youtube (Complete Guide to become a successful youtuber)

3.Micro Working.

4.Affiliate Marketing.


6.Revenue Share.

7.Virtual Assistant.


9.Social Marketing

10.Dollar Buy & Sell

11.Web Design

12.Ebook Sell


14.Web Development

15.Google adsense.

16.Online Servey


18.Email Marketing


20.Online Course


22.Online AD Agency

23.Writing Jobs –

Guest Post Writing / Article Writing

24.Graphics Design.


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