What is Crystalline Solid? Properties of the Crystalline Solid

Crystalline solids: A crystal or crystalline solid is a solid material whose
constituents, such as atoms, molecules or ions, are arranged in a highly
ordered microscopic structure, forming a crystal lattice that extends in all
directions. In addition, macroscopic single crystals are usually identifiable by
their geometrical shape, consisting of flat faces with specific, characteristic

Crystalline solids have the following fundamentals properties :

1. They have characieristic geometrical shape.
2. They have highly ordered three-dimensional arrangements of particles.
3. They are bounded by PLANES or FACES.
4. Planes of a crystal intersect at particular angles.
5. They have sharp melting and boiling points.
6. Crystalline solids, in general are anisotropic.

Examples: Copper Sulphate (CuSO4, NiSO4, Diamond, Graphite, NaCl, Sugar etc.

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